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Monday, 11 January 2010

Studio Brief

The formation of environments in a world that we perceive dictates the drive for the profession. The studio extends this perception into speculative conditions. Acknowledging human seduction for the ‘end of days’ the studio attempts to bring forth story‐tellers, documentary makers, artists, dreamers, engineers and of course architects; the studio operates within an overlap of reality and fiction.

Students prepare a model of their own apocalypse, an epidemic, alien attack, WW3, nuclear wipe‐out, tsunami, global plague, ozone rupture etc. The models present a reference point/ a feedback describing global‐local conditions, human associations, terminologies, alliances, networking Pangaea, citizen psychology, business, trade, politics, military and health conditions. This indexes to the creation of a unit that projects safety or a mental/physical/social condition.

Output and Medium:
The studio deems to create multiple spatial conditions that symbolize the need of chosen apocalyptical scenario. The students are free to express their unit in digital and physical artwork, movies and models supported by a narration of the essence of their chosen apocalypse.

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