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Friday, 22 January 2010

end of my world

The movie is a journey through time and space from present day to 2040,when pesticides in sodas such as coke,pepsi etc are so accumulated in human beings that it starts destroying them from within.
Also those coming in contact with the infected face similar consequences,ultimately ending humanity on earth as we know it.
The pesticides cause behavioural and mental changes in human beings through time,which are irreversible.

The idea was to create something FUN AND INTRIGUING as told by Sir Abhishek Bij.
The plot might seem to be over the top or downright senseless,however again the idea was to not do something really serious(which tends to get boring and requires no creativity).

experience the end.
as it slowly happens to us.


  1. Please read the movie plot description on top.It is not very clearly visible.

  2. sweet!!!!
    first thing - i think this is the best composed clip thus far, and very tastefully done. great job.

    second - i like your theme, but i need stats for 2040, PLOT? i recommend that you place your stage in 2040 and then move backwards.
    on how we are killing ourselves. that does it mean? give me agencies, political steps, production houses, embargo details. economics and addiction reports.

    and whats your intervention?